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February 20 2018

if you are neither a nazi nor a pedophile, wtf r u doing on soup anyway
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February 18 2018

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yeah but what about knife violence though
let's see
1. shitty design
2. johnson&johnson damage control, you could still poison people with the literal exact same method today
3. guess what psychopaths are going to do if they can't use guns
that's right
they'll set bombs and kill potentially hundreds more. In fact I'm glad these people use guns instead of bombs.
also a good reminder that making bombs isn't that difficult because you can find instructions online pretty easily.
4. the day terrorists collectively realized that putting bombs in shoes was a bad idea because of the sweat

I know he's trying to smuggle in a post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy by implying it's the government intervention that prevented follow-up occurences like these. 

As though prescription medicine ODs, death by IEDs and random terrorism etc. don't occur these days anymore. 

The U.S. is a special case in which the guns are already there, outnumbering the population in fact, and taking the guns by force will inescapably lead to civil war. 

more accurately it's one of those faith healing stories

these kinds of posts are how I know people don't know shit about economics
you go ahead and try to make a business profitable in under 20 years without borrowing enough money to pay wages to your employees for 20 years
this is a classic case of people assuming there's a magic money bag that pays for it all

February 17 2018

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Reminder that people are level 1 thinkers
if we personally cared about long term optimization over short term satisficing, society would run like clockwork

it isn't, period
it's an emergent effect of empathy, not society (which is ultimately based on our selfish desires, and a good thing too).
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February 16 2018


February 15 2018

sik burn
also he's right (aside from thinking sexual services is a reasonable thing to demand from a woman one has saved), and nippon is wrong
"the right thing to do" taken to its negative means it would be wrong to value your own wellbeing over that of another human being. If that is the case, then there isn't even a crime going on. The attacked woman can't appeal to her life being more valuable than the attackers, so why risk hurting him? 
For most people, saving a person would be its own reward - but there's a difference between acting on one's empathy and acting suicidal. 
If you aren't trained, don't have a weapon or are obviously outclassed by the attacker or the circumstances, a moral obligation can quickly turn into a death sentence. It is because of this reality that we generally run away from shooters rather than towards them. Why?
Is society broken now that everyone values their lives?

Society isn't founded on random acts of kindness or saving damsels in distress kind of scenarios.
Incidentally, it also isn't founded on lifeboat scenarios, moral dilemmas do not constitute a signficant part of our metaphysics.

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i love this caricature because it surprisingly makes me think *more* of gyms rather than less
attrition on bike tires is absolutely haram
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February 14 2018

紗霧 | eventh7
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