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September 24 2017

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mfw holocaust deniers

September 23 2017

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You're a big girl.
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He had insurance but they bailed on him according to the larger post
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Why do I even bother
I'm just gonna stop and let reality do its own thing
I knew it.
I knew you were gonna say "but they have the same rights already! they just don't want to exercise them!"

What does that change? It doesn't change the reality that they want the right to marry whoever they want to marry, and the reality that this is still a far more plausible explanation than "jews dun it". The jew of the gaps.

>"big pharma" is main benificiary
Can you please make up your mind? You can't have it both ways, sorry. The top manufacturer and biggest beneficiary of HIV drugs *by far* is Gilead Sciences. They aren't jews. cue the fail horn.

What do you think is going to happen if the number of HIV infections rises inexorably as a result of the "gay agenda"?

Do you not think that the cost of HIV treatment is going to plummet? 

Why do jews keep financing research into HIV cures? Why do they give out grants?
Where is this jewish mafia? How do they communicate without never leaving a shred of evidence? 

Let me guess, annunaki phones?

>If you think that there's no link between the Jewish ethnic domination of the Western non-STEM academia and the leftist, anti-wite and anti-Christian bent which is a given in these institutions, you need a reality check, fam.

I think being anti-christian does not warrant a jewish conspiracy. It just requires you to be in favour of being left alone by the tard choir. 

Why is it non-STEM? Is there no easy money and influence in STEM fields or something? First time I heard of that.

Jews are on average smarter than americans and in fact, most other ethnic groups. It is no surprise they become CEOs and collect laureates. 

The reason me (and hopefully others) think you need a reality check is because you cling to a theory that is not falsifiable. There is no piece of evidence I could show a person like you that would make them go "oh, in that case I was wrong".
Just like all the worst theories in the world. 

All you would have to show me is docs.
It is not unreasonable to ask for a single piece of evidence that proves beyond all doubt that at least *some* jew fessed up to *some* plan of *some* sort to turn an indirect profit.

The apparent absence of this evidence doesn't shake my worldview one bit. Call me crazy.
What i'm dying to know about is why it doesn't seem to irk you in the tiniest bit. 
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Ich hab vor kurzem noch gesehen, wo er auf klare Argumente verwiesen hat, doch konnte ich nichts finden bis auf eine Reihe von buzzwörtern.
Klar trafen die meißten davon zu, aber ich hatte mich auf ein Argument vorbereitet. 

Ich bin mir nicht sicher, ob er das Wort "Argument" überhaupt so richtig versteht. 
Why is it so hard for some of you people to do a basic reality check every like... month or so

"Cui bono?". Was that so freaking hard.

>controlling for family disruptions
This is the common flaw in every study that "finds" same-sex parenting bears risks. 
"With regard to the four outlier studies, all share the same flaw. At most a handful of the children who were studied were actually raised by samesex parents; the rest came from families in which opposite-sex parents raised their children for a period of time, but in which, often, one or more parent(s) subsequently came out as gay or lesbian and left the family or had a same-sex relationship. The result was a family that endured added stress and often disruption or family breakup. Including such children among those labeled as having been “raised by same-sex parents” is so misleading as to be inaccurate, since these children were generally raised by opposite-sex families and only later, after a family disruption, did they live in households with one or more gay parent(s), and only rarely did two parents of the same sex, in a stable, long-term relationship, actually raise the children together."

If you don't think this is a factor that needs to be corrected, you don't know the first thing about statistics and should therefore stop posting them in the first place. 

>jewish construct
>run by jews
apex kek

Yeah it's totally got nothing to do with people wanting the same rights as everybody else. It's just an extremely inefficient ploy devised by some jews to profit off of. That makes complete and total sense. An integral part of being a jew is to somehow starting at early childhood to think of yourself as a globalist puppeteer and spend every waking moment devising the next devious plan to afford more rights to transgender people and oversaturate academia with studies whose findings are diametrically opposed to the perfectly moral christian narrative that has totally never been wrong on any single given issue on this planet ever.

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September 22 2017


Aren't Gay Parents Better Than an Orphanage?

"We identified 79 scholarly studies that met our criteria for adding to knowledge about the wellbeing of children with gay or lesbian parents. Of those studies, 75 concluded that children of gay or lesbian parents fare no worse than other children."
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September 21 2017

Ships are pollution sinners, but if you do a simple headcount of all the cars transported via cargo ships in a single year and compare it to the pollution you'd get from driving all those cars individually from A to B, you still end up with less polution. Like, massively less pollution.

Cars also emit sulfur, you know. 

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Vermutlich werauchimmer es auf seinem shitter/fratzenbuch gepostet hat, ist sich bewusst darüber wie viele CDU-sympathisanten das Bild sehen werden.
Oder vielleicht ist es ganz einfach "alles nur nicht afd", und andere Parteien schlechtreden ist eine Blockade für diese Einstellung.
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