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I mean, yeah
Even if you learned this in school, it'd be that the teachers and schoolbook authors are wrong
And i'm thinking that academic freedom is pretty much unbridled in continential africa, because who would bother checking? Maybe the local warlord. I don't know.
It's just so many red flags were raised at the same time, I'm stunned some people go "this seems legit" and not "hahaha what" which prompted me to look for the "what an interesting way of thinking" comic because apparently to some, dishonest journalism is wayyyy less likely than.. i guess a conspiracy?

Does anyone remember that conspiracy which says that the BRD (germany) is fake? This is pretty much the same thing. A mysterious pact with the occupation forces, quote-mined politicians, the whole bag.

I'll part with a neat mental exercise, ask yourself "cui bono?" and then apply occam's razor, it's pretty much always dead on target. 

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