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idk how that even begins to represent a viable response to me pointing out that arrest rates are not the same as conviction rates (and incarceration rates)

Had the first sentence been
"Despite being only a small minority (13% of the US population) African Americans are arrested for:"
I wouldn't have said anything about it, because it is true

>arrest random niggers
Close but no cigar
Cops like to fill their arrest quotas by going into the poorest (i.e. blackest) neighbourhoods and stop random blacks for weed possession, then arrest them

another thing
>"This is despite black men being about 6% of the Us population"
nobody crying about the assumption men are more rapey, on soup no less, fucking weird

How about the fact men commit 90.5% of all homicides (96% worldwide) though
It seems to me that if you want to avoid being killed, you should first try to avoid men, and then try to avoid black people, in that order

That is, if you're the kind of person that professes to base their actions on statistics
Why should we be splitting hairs between different kinds of men when they're all collectively the most likely to rape, kill or mug you?

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