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>inspectors of inspectors
Lmao he couldn't think of a better example for useless jobs than fucking inspectors?
I know that if it wasn't for inspectors, then if I greenlight 100 bits of metal that I put a fold 1mm too far to the right in and it ends up at the customer because it wasn't inspected, I can singlehandedly stop their entire assembly line and rack up costs in the tens of thousands easily. As far as justifying one's existence goes, being an inspector is extremely justified.

So, here's the thing. Technological breakthroughs are meaningless without a cheap and easy way to reproduce them.

Whatever his idea of this "1 in 10.000 have to work" utopia is,
the steps to achieve it is to shirk work off to autonomous robots, which we are already doing and people are increasingly whining about,
and that one in ten-thousand worker would probably be an inspector anyway, which is highly ironic.

It is absolutely NOT "a fact today" that one person can cover even the BASIC living needs of 10.000 people with a nonspecific "technological breakthrough".

I know this because there's almost 10k people per 10k people trying to support the same number of people, and they STILL barely scrape by.

And then there's the incentive to come up with new technology, yadda yadda, I'm right, you're wrong

you know the rest
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