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Second layer of irony: strawmanning my position so you can call it a strawman 

>simply the way people used to see things before our culture was flooded with gay shit
oh shit lmao being in denial until you stop being in denial and then suddenly gay people get noticed = culture being flooded with gay shit, grade-A logic kelu
don't you just wish we all went back to our previous levels of denial? It's almost as if gay people don't exist that way. Wouldn't that excite you so fucking much. 

>No one fucking denies sodomites were always around
He says as it literally happens right in front of his eyes, and after admitting people used to be in complete denial, the denial and irony is strong with you people indeed.

This next bit is even more golden.
>because you live in a culture where fags successfully claimed any shows of cordiality between men as “gay”
All our lives we lived in a culture where the same thing was shorthand for 'romantic implications' and therefore heavily discouraged in homophobic societies. 'fags' didn't have to do anything to make embraces between men be perceived as gay. Everyone else did. Another paragraph, another logic fail.

>"i would NEVER interpret a non-gay thing as gay, but a millenial totally would, because muh agenda.."
And only a conservative would interpret a writer's/character's blatant homolust as poetry or stylistic hyperbole (even to the point where if the authors says so, it is being denied), or have their prime minister declare historic figures as not gay for fear people may start believing that being gay and great achievements go hand in hand. 
The denial works both ways. It's just stronger with people like you. 

>sodomite agenda
You totally don't have an agenda. I get it. You merely deluded yourself into thinking that your denial is a reaction to an imagined agenda. 

The point of the screenshot was to ham-fistedly make a harmless headline into an agenda thing, and the first thing that came to mind was making up a scenario that was supposed to seem more plausible than the very parsimonious assumption of gay dudes being presented non-definitively. Even more ironically, the OP isn't denying that the position implies an emotional connection of some sort. He literally went with the no homo excuse. I just tripped over the controller cable, whoops. Oh no, sorry sucked your dick there for a second. 

The last bit of irony is that the two dudes in OP's story served in the army together, which already qualifies them for possible homoerotic tendencies. 


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