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>still can't marry/adopt in half of europe 
>still no anti-discrimination laws
>no protection against workplace discrimination
>no protection against employment discrimination
>services, house ownership, etc. can be denied
>education can be denied
>MSM blood donation deferrals ongoing
<this is just the 'west' trying its best, the rest of the world still as anti-lgbt as can-be

What have we learned?
You're a fucking idiot for thinking LGBT people have the same rights and protections as cishets in the west, the most protected class of all.

>playing house
El oh el, nice synonym for marriage. I like that.
So what exactly is different for gay married couples? They can't procreate, but procreation is obviously not the only thing marriage is about. Otherwise, obviously, infertile couples would be denied marriage constantly.
They can adopt children, and the evidence shows that being adopted makes children fare much better than being orphaned regardless of whether they fare worse in comparison to children from opposite-sex parents, and seeing as there is no shortage of unadopted orphans, if you want the best for orphaned children, you should promote same-sex marriage and adoption ASAP.

It's something you're going to have to square with. 

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