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>where's the discrimination
Two heterosexual men are unlikely to want to get married. Two homosexual men aren't necessarily.

The discrimination is that most hetero people get to marry who they want, and most gay/bi people don't. 
The way you put it actually makes a case for same-sex marriage: if there was truly a problem of hetero men WANTING to get married, but not being legally ALLOWED to, then same-sex marriage should be advocated for. And why shouldn't it?

>that's what makes a family unit
That's an unbased assertion. Why can't a family unit simply be two parents and a child?
>NEEDS to witness the relation of two sexes
Where is this coming from? This is not what the evidence suggests. Words like "need" and "correctly" are just an appeal to the status quo, which is begging the question. 
>increased chances of abuse
Decreased chances of abuse because orphaned children fare worse. 
>single people to do that
You.. oh my god. Stop flip-flopping. You literally just said that a child NEEDS to be brought up with two opposite-sex parents. 
It is obvious that having two parents would be better than having one.  

>"historically speaking"
So the greeks and romans, which clearly tolerated it, died out because of it? Pffft.

>no ideology that values orgasm over family can succeed in the long run
It's a good thing then that this isn't what's happening. Same-sex couples want to start families. The demand to adopt was in fact so high that laws had to be adjusted. So what makes you think it's all about sex? Because you can't fathom that humans with sexualities different from your own could experience love?

I'm squaring all right, with the preponderance of studies that suggest no differences between children from same-sex and opposite-sex households. The only reason you're holding on to this is because you don't want to educate yourself and rather spent calcified in your bigotry. 

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