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September 18 2017

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sure, that too
I just find some personal joy in pairing everyone's favourite fantasy that the magic money bag is going to pay for a perfect outcome every time, and the reality that it's not

Taxation is now used to fund all kinds of things that aren't, by any means, "essential functions".

Consider this: if you wouldn't personally offer your money up for donation to the war on drugs, internet surveillance and submarines, then being forced to do so against your will would be theft by definition.

There is a lot of middle ground to occupy, but somehow (and this is where the fairy dust comes in), people think there's not

People think that if you don't involuntarily pay for stupid shit, your roads will never be fixed
Like it's a package deal somehow?

Call me crazy, but there are far more optimal solutions than that. 
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September 17 2017

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September 16 2017

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>afd is a bunch of racist, homophobic, islamophobic, egoist, fascist and stupid neonazis.

this is obviously true, but they're populists first and foremost, who picked up voters in a wide range across the spectrum (former NPD voters, former Die Linke voters, CDU, SPD...). If you want to have any chance of survival as a populist party, you can't undermine your voters, and if you want to go "lel you voted us, we nazi now k?" you.... will undermine your voters. 

On a side note, I don't understand why would put "egoist" there. Like, as though egoism was a bad thing.

As though we're not fundamentally driven by egoism no matter which way you slice it. 

Just saiyan.
"Skepsis gegenüber Fremden ist nirgendwo so stark verbreitet wie unter den Anhängern der AfD. Mehr als vier von fünf raten zu Vorsicht anstatt zu Vertrauen im Umgang mit Fremden. Unter SPD-Wählern sind es zwei Drittel, unter Unionsanhängern 73 Prozent."
(Daniel Deckers, FAZ)

Wie kann man in einem Absatz drei verschiedene Arten benutzen um Verhältnisse zu schildern?
"vier von fünf"
"zwei drittel"

Auf klar Deutsch: 80%, 67%, 73%. 
Der erste Satz lässt deuten, dass die AfD weitaus skeptischer gegen Fremde ist als sonstwer. VIER VON FÜNF, menschenskinder! Das ist viel!
Die anderen nur... etwas weniger

You had one job Daniel

I personally don't like his movies so I don't even know much if anything about him at all
but the way he's handling this interview makes him seem like a dick
that's probably what his fans want anyway so he's a win-win situation no matter what

September 15 2017

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fixed for fairness
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September 14 2017

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September 13 2017

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woo-peddlers are my favourite lolcows

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